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I received 5 Laikou Moisturizing Creams (blue box) from Hou Wenzheng at 1200 Worldwide Blvd, Hebron, KY 41048 on 12/02/20. I never ordered these. I live in CT and the label is coming from the Springfield, MA mass fulfillment mailing center USPS 190 Fiberloid St., Springfield, MA 01152-9706. It’s from a company called Newgistics (what it says in a small box on the label). There’s no insert, so I have no idea what amount to look for on my bank statement (I order a lot of things on Aliexpress and Wish, eBay, Amazon – but I’ve never ordered these). I also use my Apple card, Paypal 4 payment installment card, etc. I don’t know where to start looking. I’m just going to have to write to this a-ole and ask him where he’s from and that I never ordered what he sent me and to request a refund. See if he answers me. You don’t know how much time I’ve already wasted looking into this. It’s disgusting. – P. Elena R.

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  • I have ordered a reading lite that does not work right and wonder where I can communicate to return this item and have my money reimbursed.

  • Small pet shoes I need larger shoes for my dog that is a Maltese Terrier and I was sent an extremely small set of shoes for her. My dog’s paws are at least 2 sizes larger then the set that was sent to me. What must I do to resolve this issue? Thank you for any assistance.

    Bruce McBreen 6 Spruce Street Lodi, NJ 0 644 Email [email protected]

  • I ordered and received a TV Multifunction Adapter – 11 ports. Before ordering it and had a conversation with someone on the webpage (facebook) about use with a surface computer. The person said it is appropriate. However, I find it very clumsy with the Surface. I would like to return it and get a refund.

    How do I go about returning it?

    Thank you!

  • I didn’t purchase items from these people and when I tried to contact them, no contact information. This is a scam company!! Don’t use them!

  • Today I received a package from Hou Wenzheng, 1200 Worldwide Blvd, Hebron,
    KY 41048. I did not order these items and in fact I don’t even know what they are. They look like little blue traffic cones, but very light weight and and made of cheap plastic. One of the cones has a big crack half way around it. I checked my Amazon account but did not see such an order. I will check my other accounts to look for other an order of this description. At any rate I do not want these items and need a label to return them.

    Paula KATCHAM
    118 Tommotley Drive
    Loudon, TN 37774

  • I received two pink harnesses size Large 602009161124-09-L CGHJ-02
    I ordered a XL and NOT pink
    Please give me information when I can expect this ASAP

  • you chared me for a whole piece of leather what i thought would cover a chair its a tiny piece of black i guess is leather ,a bandage is bigger ,i want my money back ,and a refund slip

  • I ordered a piece of contact vinyl on January 24 2021 using PayPal from an ad on Facebook. A scam, not as represented in the ad. I am filing with you and PayPal today. Hou Wenzheng is a fraud.

  • After waiting….FOREVER…..for my order of 3 necklaces….small heart plus one small initial…..they came today 2/13. UNFORTUNATELY…..ALL NECKLACES HAVE THE INITIAL W!!!!! THESE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FOR CHRISTMAS. TODAY IS February 13. While I was happy to get them….I was very disappointed to see the wrong initials!!! So…..now what?????

  • I receive a top from you, but you sent an XXL and I order a S. I am going to return it , and please send me a S. Thank You Linda Wallace

  • I ordered a wrist blood pressure monitor.. It does not work. I would like to return it for one that does.. could i get someone to contact me please
    Wanda Ball

  • I ordered a knife sharpener on 01-10-2021 and received it on 02-05-2021 . The sharpener does not work. Looking at it today i noticed that one of the metal pieces that sharpen the knifes is missing. I would appreciate your prompt attention and issue me a replacement sharpener with all the parts and that it works. Thank you.

  • Good afternoon,

    I purchased an Advanced Portable Car Camcorder from Hou Wenzheng and do not have any way to contact them about the product is not working correctly and I wish to return it for a full refund……

    Thanks for all your help and support,


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