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you are scaming people you charge me twice. i only order 2 you mailed 7 in witch is a joke no routeing no you may think taking 140.00 from a 75 year old lady is the right thing to do , but you are wrong. you said that you get back to me but guess what you didnot. no way to send the junk back, i don’t want any of them they don’t work. my name is phyllis johnson 107 brock road chickamauga ga. 30707 my email is [email protected] save on elecity what a joke. if i can get intouch with the right attoney general . i hope they shut you down and take you to court, and make you pay everything that you took from us . i guess you can’t help yourself to hurt people . the boxes have nothing to slow down the current. just a junk box. if you have the balls to answer this e-mail it would be nice, but we all know you want. GOD will get you for what you have done . if you would like to talk to me you can call me at 706-6396431 or send me a message same no.

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