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I have received so many phone calls from this organization, they were telling me that they are from the Group Plan Pharmacy and calling me regarding my medical insurance plan. At first, I didn’t understand what this people wanted because I go to my local pharmacy for prescriptions and I’ve never heard about the Group Plan before so I said I was not interested multiple times and asked them to put me on their DO NOT call list.
I kept receiving these weird calls from the same organization, different people who identified themselves as a benefits specialists working in the Group Plan Pharmacy which has a contract with my PPO healthcare insurance… I told them that it’s so sketchy, sounds like a solicitation and I didn’t think that they had anything to do with Cigna. They still pushed me and told me that this is a very important service call and they had to give me an update about my benefits and I asked them to send me an email because that’s what my insurance usually does and hang up again.
They haven’t bothered me for like a month but I still received a call from the same pharmacy, a representative named Emma called me and asked me for a chance to give me a proper information because no other agents were able to. I was at work and couldn’t really speak so I asked her to call me back after 5 and she promised that nobody would call me during the work hours anymore. She called during the evening time and I decided to listen to her. As I realized, this is a part of my telemedicine services which I technically already pay for thru my premiums and that’s why I have new OTC products fully covered and if I activated my telemedicine benefits even vitamins would be covered so I wouldn’t have to pay anything for them anymore. It’s sounded too good to be true but I gave her a chance because she was very polite and didn’t ask for my personal information at all, she already had my information which was scary at first. We went thru the whole process in 10 minutes, it was simple and I felt comfortable because I didn’t have gave her any information, she told me that I would be receiving vitamins, probiotics, heartburn medications like omeprazole and migraine nasal sprays(she even asked me if I’m comfortable with nasal sprays, it was very thoughtful of her). After that consultation I received a verification call from my insurance, they asked me if it was really me who wanted to activate telemedicine benefits and I said yes. Then I had confirmation call for delivery and I received my benefits in about three weeks. They sent the best brands possible and I’m very happy and pleased about it, I even shared some with my husband and sister and they were very surprised that I got this high quality benefits with zero copays and didn’t spend any money out of my pocket. My sister asked me for the customer service number of the Group Plan Pharmacy that I received on my email after the service call, but she couldn’t get benefits because she has HMO type of insurance and these benefits are not available for everybody, only PPO healthcare insurance members are eligible to have them fully covered.
I just want to say that it’s not a scam at all and I’m so happy that I finally decided to listen to one of the representatives of the Group Plan Pharmacy and got my fully covered benefits. I even felt like I had to say sorry to the people I used hang up right away and misunderstood them for telemarketers and scammers, I was being rude because of lack of the information I had. I’ve learned that if you actually listen to somebody it’s so easy to decipher the purpose of why they are calling you and not everyone if up there trying to scam you or something like that… Speaking of my experience, I’d advice everyone to give a chance to the Group Plan Pharmacy, they really are trying to help you utilize all of your benefits you’re supposed to have, even our medical insurance providers are not always so honest about the benefits and services we’re supposed to have, because, you know, everyone’s trying to avoid expenses and why would they want to cover anything extra for you…
Sincerely, Lisa Patel.

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