ken c harrison


ken or kenny was hired to fix my roof damage after a storm , he came gave me a quote and we agreed on a price , i gave him a downpayment and he came and worked for 3 days , after he finished he was paid , everything was fine, 2 weeks later it […]

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Jeff Hines


LIES LIES LIES and more LIES. This guy LIES so much, that he gets them mixed up and doesn’t remember which LIE he is telling to whom and when, yet he keeps throwing out the net to ensnare more victims. Amazingly enough, after complaints were filed against him, he recently posted more ads on Craigslist, […]

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Lawrence Hamel


Lawrence Hamel used boiler room tactics to steal investors’ money in a $2 million Ponzi scheme that unfolded over 10 years. Hamel used two companies, Coral Springs Real Estate Investment Trust, L.L.C., in Deerfield Beach and Coral Real Estate Trust, L.L.C., in Boca Raton, to solicit investments in bogus real estate deals, promising 8- to […] View the Scam Report for Lawrence Hamel on...

Ryan Bergstrom


LIED to my wife and I about his past of playing overseas basketball, and playing at Arizona state. He will say whatever he wants to get his foot in the door with the fitness field. Apparently works for a guy named Armando at a gym called ”Fitness and Fun and doesn’t even appreciate his pay, […]

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Steve West


mergers & acquisitions, buy a business, sell a business, raise money, sell minority equity, raise money, esop money, sales training, telemarketing services, seminars, sales people, whitepaper author, eb-5 buyers, asset based lending, loans against receivables, spam faxing, databases of industry gifts, Canadian phone numbers, radio advertising, cable advertising, health $ beauty products...

Michael Robertson


Michael J Robertson owns Mugshots.comMichael Robertson owns Mugshots.comMike Robertson owns Mugshots.comWho owns Michael Robertson owns mugshots.comAttorneys on Avvo have made the comments below. Would they have made these comments if it was them or their children on I don’t think so!The mugshot is public information. Anyone could have looked it up as soon...

Roberto Vincent


Mr. Vincent, will try to tag women, he will sendThe most beautiful weightings to uPlease Lady’s beware he will tell uHe is in Nigeria and is shortOn money he wanted only $500.00 from me, wanted my bank acct. #Don’t fall for this guy he is SCUM

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Patricia Mercer


My dad is dying of lung cancer. He lives in Africa. I need generous guys to wire money to me while I am in Africa. Please call me, my name is Brandi Mercer, (423)665-4620 or (731)313-1137. Thanks.

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Nicanor Sanchez


Nicanor me ha prometido una gran cantidad de dinero. Le mando dinero y sale con una nueva historia. Quiero saber si hay otras mujeres si le esta pasando lo mismo. Este hombre abusa.

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