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💥 SCAM 💥 PLEASE SHARE… so I received a DM from @godisdope apparel (see attached) and I had won a bundle of clothing & $100 (see attached) the guy called me today to tell me how the company has been around for 5-years – how their business has been successful so they give 10-15% of their income to nonprofits and local churches (how they support minorities) by being a black-owned business and he wanted to send everything in the picture to me minus the boots. He said how well the business is going and wanted to “bless” me with $100. He confirmed my cashapp, but also asked by phone number or email. I was confused so he asked me if the number he dialed was my cashapp, I said yes and received a text – the guy immediately stated I just texted you 6 numbers (I have no idea how he knew the first one was a 4) and I repeated the number. Something didn’t feel right, so I started deleting my bank account and check card linked to my cashapp while I was giving the guy my sizes. I asked him why did he need to confirm how my cash app was linked (remember he’s talking fast abt God, giving, successful business, my sizes for clothes etc.) he then states – I sent it ($) to you did you get it? I said no, because I don’t see it. He said that’s strange do you have a cashapp credit card? I said no. He said Im not allowed to take credit cards over the phone but can you confirm the last 12-number on the card linked in the system? I said what? He said I just need you to confirm the card number so I can get the money to you. I hung up. FIRST OFF – my cashapp wasn’t working properly & it hasn’t TO THIS DAY! SECONDLY – I felt stupid, how did I just get hoaxed into giving this guy my code to get into my cashapp THIRDLY-they are making claims they don’t know what’s going on, but are scamming people DAILY & LASTLY — THEY ARE TARGETING CHRISTIANS & USING GOD’s NAME! I’m INFURIATED 😤😡😡 they didn’t steal any money from me, but he blocked me from his @godisdope customer service account & here is his number…

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