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I received a call from 872 310 6520 Hudson Group, name of person escapes me, asking for my address to deliver me court papers since I was being sued! I asked him who was suing me and he said I had to call Global United Assets Svs at 1-833-341-6627 with the supposed case number and I spoke with Edgar Ramos?!? Right! Who said a credit card company Ive never dealt with was sueing me for not paying my bill from 2006! These guys are completely clueless! Anyway, Im flooding the internet with their scam!
Oh! And he told me I sounded like a Karen when I wouldnt buy his BS!
And both numbers go to the same place!

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  • Hi – just read your note above. I got a similar call from an 833 number for “Hudson Legal Group” and documents that were subsequently sent were from Global United Asset Services out of San Diego. Similar scenario as yours. Different numbers but I think we are talking about the same organization.

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