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Victim Location 45891
Total money lost $1,770
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was told I would be getting a golden doodle puppy I paid $850 US dollars for her on Upwork app to a John Daniel. And then I was told she was sent out by expressinterglobalshipping and then proceeded to say I needed a crate that was $940 and I sent $520 in WorldRemit app to Ngwe Desmond Ngwe then they said I needed traveling Insurence that was $1560 and I tried to do it through the app again and it would not let me because of possible fraud but I wouldnt listen not thinking it could happen to me. And so I had to go to my local wal mart and get a pre paid American Express card for $400 and the previous owner was supposed to pay the rest I was told for the crate 95% would be refunded to me and for the travel 60% would I have all the emails and transactions and text messages and then I got a notification that she was sent off at 4pm and was supposed to be at my home by 7pm and I tried calling and the number is out of service

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