I ordered some Patagonia things 2 weeks before Christmas and couldn’t find any order confirmation e-mails, shipping confirmation e-mails, nothing. I contacted Pay Pal, which is how I paid, and they were not able to get a response from the seller either. Pay Pal ended up refunding me the full amount and today I find a package of 3 Patagonia items that were nothing near what I ordered. Wrong style, wrong colors. Looking more closely, the items are poor quality with many threads hanging on seams, like they got the clothing from a warehouse and sewed on labels and attached tags. Very weird. I found this site by googling the return address on the shipping label. Thank goodness I was refunded my $177. Sad that people take advantage of others like this. Lesson learned. Only order from reputable, well known sites.

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  • I ordered a small tree saw that was on a handle like a power drill. This is the second time I ordered this item, and they send me a hand held Pruning saw. I wanted the power of a drill, but the use of a saw.There is no way to talk to anyone or get a refund. Please if someone can help ,pleases contact me.at [email protected]. Thank you

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