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Victim Location 36276
Type of a scam Employment

I was looking for work at home opportunities and ran across this from an email that was a job finding search. I read it and it sounded interesting and so the company said they’d be sending me via email instructions and basically a training probationary period. Sounded legitimate at that point.

Then I get an email two days later welding me and here’s your first assignment. They never discussed the company much except that it was real estate investing company and other companies go to them for service on how to sell invest etc.. I started to feel a little strange becUse they were located in Spain.

The first assignment come to my email

And it was a task I needed to do a little research and gather up

Intel on average residential and commercial are and that was it. I wrote an email and sent it to them. Second assignment gets a little strange and RED FLAGGED my brain. I was sent a check in the amount of $1,978.75. They requested that I deposit it into my account and then they would instruct me to do a transfer.

It was at that moment I knew oh no! I have the check and told the lady I was not cut out fir the position and in no way in heck was this going into my account and transferred with my info able to get into the dark web. NO WAY!!

Now I’m getting emails saying they’ll take legal action against me.. here is what the email said:

Dear ********,

This is a very important letter. Due to the fact that you didn’t contact me for a long time, we contacted the customer who sent you the payment, and he informed us that the payment has been cashed by you. Thus, the check was cashed and due to the fact that you have not transferred the funds to our Company as instructed before, we have the evidences that you try to steal our Company and our customer’s funds. We hope that this is just a mistake, and you have no motive to do this, and we need your explanation. Upon the Agreement terms you must transfer the received funds to our Company within 24 hours, since the funds become available. I request you to complete this task, otherwise we will take the legal actions. Please contact me and explain what’s happened or complete the task. Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Personnel Manager

****** *****

tel:  Extrayma, S.L.

I’m not sure if this company is for real or if I’m in fact in trouble or could be or if I’m smart for stopping all communications and coming to ScamPulse.com for help. HELP!!

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