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This is 100% a scam. As a police officer with white collar experience, I deal in fraudulent transactions quite frequently. My wife and I were looking to get a Russian Blue when I found this website. I found it rather interesting that most breeders have a wait time of up to 3 years, yet they happen to have kittens just readily available? Fine, let’s just assume that this breeder is so exclusive no one has heard of him.

Don’t be fooled by how pleasant they sound, that’s how scammers work. His name is apparently Malcolm, an he’s a retired vet with a wife who happens to be a nurse. Sounds as American as apple pie doesn’t it? Be vigilant when someone won’t accept payment through any app other than Venmo, after all, the only way to refund a transaction through them is to go through your bank. Why not just use Paypal? After all, it is far more, “buyer friendly” app. But you know what? Let’s just assume he’s old stubborn like many of our lovable veterans are.

After we texted “Malcom” about the details of the cat, we asked for a picture with a timestamp. Evidently, “Malcolm” also has spent some time in photo shop, unless another breeder (who may also be a scammer) out in California happens to have the EXACT same cat in the EXACT same room with the EXACT same pose! Sometimes, all it takes is a quick google search people. Pictures below for your pleasure.

But hey, let’s give “Malcolm” the benefit of a doubt, maybe he’s just lazy? We arranged to pay Mr. Ndjama… hold up a minute. Ndjama, you may ask? Who is that? Well, considering most people’s Venmo handle is their first and last name, I’m just assuming that Malcolm’s last name is Ndjama, because that’s the one on his Venmo. Malcolm must also be a nickname, because the first name on his Venmo is Rostant.

I understand wanting a nifty breed of cat, but a hard lesson everyone learns sooner or later is that if something appears too good to be true, it is. If you really want a premium breed, an extended waiting list from an ACTUAL breeder is far less of a hurdle than potentially being scammed four figures. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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