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I purchased a portable AC from Ease2day and received the item and it was a swamp cooler. So they give false advertising for one. Number two, I went back and forth with them about receiving a refund, I had already returned the item to them via UPS, and you can only contact Ease2day by email and finally they sent me this, “Thanks for your patience, we are currently facing Technical issue with our payment gateway we can’t process your refund to your card, we request you to please contact with your bank to get your refund amount, we are so sorry for the inconvenience you have to go through because of us”
I have never heard of anything so absurd. And not down for one day, just we can’t issue you a payment back at all. A ridiculous and scam company. Also, if you try to leave a review on their site regarding their “AC’s”, it says ‘Sorry, you don’t have permission to leave a review.’ All of Ease2days reviews are fake. Avoid Ease2day like the bubonic plague.

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  • I agree. I purchased it and it’s like a fan. I’m going to seek refund. Will see what happens.

  • Just made the same mistake. I was worried when I receiver the order confirmation and there were a lot of misspelled words and poor English. Their website is the same. They don’t even give you a complete e-mail address. Very Fishy!

  • I just returned my unit. Made sure I got a tracking number and requested a signed delivery receipt. The cheapest way to return it cost $71.00. This is a scam and something should be done about it. They would not return our e-mails and after attempting several phone calls, they would never pick up.


    • I am just starting down this road and becoming very concerned that I will not be getting a refund even though they advertise easy returns. Could you please give me the phone number?

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