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I ordered 2 bottles of a all over cover-up foundation ( BoGo) from Dreamy Lives back in the beginning of November. I have to say, it was my stupidity in doing so before I checked out the reviews first. But after reading them, I tried to get with PayPal immediately after ordering. Needless to say at no avail. Like many have said here, PayPal does nothing. I just decided to cut my loss and look to getting a picture in the mail of the product and nothing else. Then a packaged arrived on Christmas Eve. It was two boxes of some kind of fine powder. Everything on box written in Chinese. But product name is OYAX . The package had a California return address on it, but I WILL NOT return them only to be taken again. These are scammers from Communist China, who do nothing but scam people all over the world and do it because they know they can. I ordered from an add on Facebook as well. Will never make this mistake again. This is why I do not like to buy on-line. Will continue to buy my products off the store shelf…Shame on whomever these people are, they are truely despicable!

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  • I Ordered 2 sets of fort kits for my 4 year old Grandson on November 2nd for his Christmas present. I tracked the package and it was delivered in Spring, TX on January 30th. Contacted Capital One fraud division and it was credited back but then recharged.

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