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Victim Location 94559
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I inquired about an rv listed, was directed to contact owner who said husband died, her and child used to camp with him, wants to sell TV, too sad. Said item stored in a garage by ebay, sent a “ebay money back guarentee invoice #15399696011” stating I need to purchase ebay cards for the amount, scratch and give numbers on card to “ebay”, they will ship the item to me. Said gives 5 days to inspect, if satisfied ebay will forward the money to her, if not satisfied money will be returned to me. Sent an “invoice” that looks real from “ebay” outlines what to do step by step. Has a customer service number 1 408 614-7289. I called and he said he’s an ebay employee, been there 20 plus years, this is all real. I informed ebay, tried to inform comcast, informed market place admin, and still seeing more rv’s listed, same scenario, same numbers.

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  • We found the exact same thing when we went on the Facebook Market and saw a trailer posted for a price that seemed too good to be true we also were given the name of a seller and the sellers name. She said the item was being sold on Ebay and sent us an invoice that showed us how to pay with Ebay cards. We didn’t fall for it and sent no money.

  • yep, me too. its some kind of scam, i knew it was to good to be true . Like u said there still for sale its amazing that facebook doesn’t realize that in a law suit they would be liable to be sued also and do nothing about it. the phone no. is bogus too cant leave a message and there business location address is an apt. complex

  • Same here. This is what was sent to me. Hello!
    I am the owner of the Forest River R-Pod RP-178. I had it advertised nationwide through Facebook Marketplace. It is still available for sale. It is in great shape. It has no damage, no scratches, dents or hidden defects. It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained. It has a clean title.
    Clean, very good condition, 2014 Forest RiverR-Pod 178. Sleeps 4. Queen size bed and U-shaped dinette thatconverts to a queen size bed. Airconditioning, Heater, TV, DVD player, microwave, refrigerator, 2 burner stovetop, sink, 1 slide out, small bathroom with shower. Also includes a detachable R-Dome for anextra patio room.
    I am selling it at this final price of $2,000 because my husband passed away last month and it brings me a lot of bad memories and thats the reason I want to sell it asap… I also got a new job and moved to Augusta, ME and many other things have priority now so it has to go. I attached you some photos. I want to use eBay Services for both our safety, so if you’re interested in purchasing this travel trailer just email me your full name, address including the zip code and phone number. I will inform eBay that you are selected as my possible buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure.
    I look forward to your answer.
    Thank you

    • This was my response. We are very interested. We would like to know where it is located and if we can setup an appointment to see it. P.S. I don’t do ebay. The response I received was,
      Hi ,
      So as I was telling you in my first email, we are now living in Augusta, Maine to get some peace of mind. I have to focus on my daughter’s needs and make this transition less frightening than already is. That’s why I chose to deal with eBay because it allows me to take care of things easily. The camper is now sitting in ME as well, at an eBay storage facility. With eBay, I can send it to you for 5 days to try it out, while they keep your money in a trust fund account. If after the 5th day you want it, they release the money to me, if not, you send it back for free and get your money back as well. The shipping is free. If you want to hear more details on it, please send me your full name, address, with the zip code and phone number. I will have eBay to send you the invoice, which is proof of legal and safety measures taken in this transaction. I hope to get your info and thank you for your understanding. My hubby took very well care of the camper and I hope it ends in good hands!

      Also I forgot to mention that when I first contacted her she said the camper was in Sacramento. Too fishy for me

      • Hi Edna,
        Man-o-man, what a rip-off. I got the EXACT SAME email as you did. Sure glad I decided to look into it further. Thanks for putting up the reply you got so I could compare it!
        Blessings to you!
        Alan <

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