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Interviewed on Google Hangouts and said that he was going to send me a check from a business that owed their company money. That is when I knew that there was something wrong…here was the interview conversation, see below.

[email protected]

Let’s chat on Hangouts!



How are you doing

I am well

You are welcome to DELOITTE Limited. I believe you are available for your online Interview and briefing on the job positions offered?

Yes, I am.

I am Mr Travis Gibson, one of the Hiring Managers of DELOITTE Limited. I will be the one to brief you about the positions and the company.

The positions available are: Phone Representative, Data Entry Representative, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Sales Associate, Content Marketing Manager, IT Management and Customer Service/Call Center Representative.

Which of the above position is your field of specialty?

Phone Representative, Data Entry Representative, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Customer Service/Call Center Representative.


May i know your full names, Cell number and where you are located (City, State)?

******  ****** (************

North Las Vegas, NV

Next is the briefing about the job and the company, I advise you read with care. Just follow the briefing and let me know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later.

With each line, just respond with an ”Okay” or ”Yes” to indicate your readiness for further briefing.

NOTE: Abbreviations are not permitted during the interview session.

You should also remember to respond on time so we can conclude early.

The interview has commenced and your complete attention is required.


The name of the company is DELOITTE Limited.

This will be strictly an online and work from home job until the branch is commissioned. The working hours are flexible and you can choose to work from anywhere of your choice. The pay is $45.75 per hour during full working hours and the training is $25.75 per hour and you will be getting your payment weekly via check or direct deposit working 30 to 40 hours weekly (6-8 hours daily). If you are employed, you are going to be working as a full time employee and not an independent contractor.

Benefits: Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans. Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts.



* Keep records of materials filed or removed, using log-books or computers.

* Add new material to file records, and create new records as necessary.

* Perform general office duties such as typing, operating office machines, and sorting mail.

* Track materials removed from files in order to ensure that borrowed files are returned.

* Sort or classify information according to guidelines such as content, purpose, user criteria, or chronological, alphabetical, or numerical order.

I believe you can handle this job duties if you are being trained towards it?


We have three working sections which are (Morning, Evening and Full day)..The Morning section begins from 8am-1pm, Evening section 2pm-7pm, Full day section cover’s both Morning and Evening sections with one hour break between 1pm and 2pm, Monday to Friday. You are to choose a convenient section weekly

Benefits for eligible F-T & P-T employees include: Work/Life Balance, Health & Dental, Community Involvement / Matching Gifts Program, Tuition Reimbursement Assistance & Education Life Works, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Employee Wellness and 401k plans. Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts.


May we proceed with the interview questionnaire?


1.What does a company owe its employees?

2. What other companies are you interviewing with?

3. Are you currently employed?

4. How many hours do you intend to dedicate to this job position if hired?

5. What qualities do you look for in a boss and What motivates you to do your best on the job?

6. Do you have any QuickBooks experience & why do you want to work for this company?

7. What is your clerical speed(WPM)?

8. When you start a new job, how do you establish good relationships with your new co-workers and supervisors?

9. What are your long term career goals?

10. What do you understand by an ‘Open Door’ Policy within a Company?

11. Do you have a criminal record?

12. What is your greatest achievement so far?

13. What are 3 things you’d look for in an ideal job & Why Should we Hire You?

14. What are you most proud of?

15. What is your Phone Carrier Service?

send your answers one after the other:

Please answer the questions promptly and let me know when you are through

1. A reliable safe place to work with opportunities for advancement.

2. Pepsico, United Healthcare, Southwest Medical and the City of North Las Vegas

3. Yes, I am currently employed

4. As many as needed

5. I work well with someone who is reasonable, understanding, see my value and isn’t afraid to push me to excel further

5. I am motivated to do my best when I know I am contributing to the advancement of the company

6. I do have Quickbooks experience, a small amount. I want to work for your company because I feel it would be a good fit for the skills I possess. The pay and benefits are adequate, as well.

I haven’t taken a typing test in years but I would say 45 – 50 wpm.

7. I haven’t taken a typing test in years but I would say 45 – 50 wpm.

8. I listen and pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses of my co-workers and supervisors to acquire the knowledge of how I can be an asset to them and my superior(s). I assess where my skills will best fit in to help us excel.

9. I would like to open a resource center for single parents to help with home ownership, career advancement and higher level educational through grant funding.

10. As I have experience, the ‘Open Door” policy with my previous employers were they would be open to hear issue or ideas that arise at any given time.

11. Yes, from 1995. No further infractions and it have not stopped me from being gainfully employed since then.

12. My greatest achievement has been working in management with the County of *********. I was able to help build the first call center support team for foods stamps from the ground up.

13. I look for the longevity of the company or one that presents a need that will be of service, withstanding the years of technological and environmental change. I also look for great pay, opportunities for advancement and excellent benefits. I am a very adaptable person, a quick learner, I get along well with others , work well independently, and adjust easily to change. I am also very reliable and honest.

14. I am most proud of my children.

15. ******* I am done

You’ve been impressive so far and I think you will be a perfect fit for this position. Hold on online while i send your answers to my superiors for review and consideration. Kindly stay close to your device for 5-10 minutes. Okay?


I am back now, the result for the interview just conducted is on my screen. Are you ready to know your stand?


After careful consideration, i have good news for you.

The good news is you’ve just been confirmed qualified for the position . You are welcome to DELOITTE Limited. You are now given a chance to show your commitment, charisma, diligence and be a productive employee. Welcome to the online team!

Okay, great. Thank you.

You are welcome

All we need from you is good work and trust and you will enjoy every moment working with us. Can we get good work and trust from you?

Yes, absolutely

We encourage the development of knowledge, interpersonal skills, and business competencies. Our employee training programs provide in-house/external instructor led and on-line training opportunities. During your training and orientation, one of the organization’s supervisors will reach you via e-mail or phone. Also he/she will put you through our company’s guidelines under US Human Resources Laws and Regulations. Okay?


Your paperwork (job offer letter) will be sent to you via email tomorrow morning by one of the company’s supervisors. I will be here to inform you before it is sent so you can be on the lookout for it. What is your preferred email address?

[email protected]

1 : How would you like to be paid – via Direct Deposit or Check?

2 : What payroll cycle would you prefer – Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

3 : What banking institution do you operate with to see if it tallies with the company’s official salary payment accounts ?

1. Direct Deposit

2. Weekly

3. ***** ***** You will be receiving your duties online everyday and i will always be online to assist you with any difficulties. Okay?


Secondary Duties:

Now, your secondary daily duties would be to report to your Supervisor who would be attached to you online. He/she would assign logs of duties daily and you would be required to work according to instructions, using the ********* ****** tools and the Accounting software. Now the function of the Accounting software is to arrange, formalize and manage the data you have processed and have it sent to your supervisor via E-mail.

Can you handle the Job duties if you are being trained towards it?


Our benefit programs are designed for the unique needs of each employee. You would be eligible to Benefits after 1 month of working with the company. Benefits offered are Health, Dental and Vision Plans, Short- and Long-Term Disability, Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Accident Policies, 401k Retirement Plan (with Employer Contributions), Health Club Membership (up to $50 per Month), Tuition Assistance (for employees still in college), Employee Assistance, Program Personal and Vacation Time Holiday Pay.

This job offers flexible hours but you are to report online by 8 AM – 4 PM daily for duties, task and assignment once work from home commences. Okay?


You will be undergoing a week of training and orientation which will commence as soon as you have all the working materials and you are rest assured that you will be paid for it. Okay?


You will need some Accounting software and a Time Tracker to commence your training and orientation and most importantly, you need the software to get started with work as soon as possible.

NOTE: The work of the time tracker is to evaluate your working hours from the company’s server for your payment purpose since this will be an online and work from home job until the branch is commissioned.


Here are the names of the software programs you will need to start working with:

Peachtree Complete Accounting Software, CYMA IV for Windows Accounting Software, MYOB Business Essentials Accounting Software, QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software and a Time Tracker.

Are you familiar with the above software programs?

I am familiar with Quickbooks


I believe that with the expertise of the company’s supervisors, your training and orientation will go on smoothly without any issues or hindrances if you are willing to learn.

Yes, I am willing to learn

The funds for the software programs/working equipment will be provided for you by the company via check. The check will cover the cost of a laptop, printer, scanner, time tracker with a fast internet connection you need to start working with.

The check may be issued out by any of our 1,085 affiliated companies who owes DELOITTE Limited some amount of money so this automatically serves as our refund as it is used solely for the benefit of our employees.


No, I don’t understand

Is this a scam?

Listen to me, I don’t like the word scam, let alone get my self involved in it. I prefer to spend the little time I’ve on earth with my family, kids, wife and grand kids than scamming. I personally know how it feels to have your hard earned money taken away from you by some arrogant jerk. The main reason why you dealing directly with me is due not to fall any online scam victims. I cringe when i hear the word scam, i would never go so low as to get involved with such shameful activity. I understand you are feeling skeptical, as an average consumer, i would be hesitant as-well. Don’t let your skepticism get in the way of a truly promising opportunity for you.

This company is built on trust and intergrity

we have never involved ourselves in any shady deals or activities

we can’t risk loosing our numerous licenses

This is a legit company and you are working with safe hands

You dont have anything to worry about

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