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I ordered a self cleaning litter box and I just got my package and it is a tooth brush…not the litter box I can provide everything…the litter box was supposed white,cube shape, buttons in the corner… it cleaned itself… and it cost me $36.98 that is with tax…I got a pink tooth brush that is battery operated

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  • I ordered on Feb 13 a Aluminum Table and I haven’t received it yet. Attempts to reach seller have not been successful!!!!!
    Transaction ID: OWL02533MA2218828
    Invoice No. : 88351-KAV84230
    Payment: $28.98 Amazon Prime VISA Credit Card x-8373

  • I purchased a new vcr/DVD combo player from this company on 4/29/2021 to the tune of 42.98…I haven’t seen this merchandise at all and the advertisement stated 7 to 10 days for delivery. I am disabled and on a small benefit every month, and can not afford to spend money and not receive the item. I either want the product I ordered or the price I paid for it. Company is called cydtechnolo CY

  • I ordered and paid for an Folding Mobile Scooter thru CYD Technology Group Ltd. on 03/04/2021 thru PayPal and they sent the payment but still have not received my machine and they say they shipped it. I have all the info on transaction no., Tracking no. which is showing me the tracking history.
    If this company scamming people it will be reported to the authorities. Can anyone help?

  • I ordered a sewing table from Cyd Technology Group and never received it. I contacted the company and was told that they sent it out and it was signed for. They offered to give me a 15% discount. This company is a total scam!! They take your money, send you nothing and then give you a couple bucks back as a refund. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They advertise on Facebook. Never order from Facebook advertisers. I have ordered 3 times, been scammed 3 times. PayPal won’t help me get my money back either. I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt but three strikes and I’m out.

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