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Victim Location 98201
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Hi there,

Recently I posted my motorcycle for sale on Craigslist / Skagit , Washington State. I was contacted by someone with the email [email protected] The first email to me asked “Has it been in any accidents (which was sent through Craigslist)?” Then the message wrote ” Craigslist does not always deliver messages, so if you can, please contact me at my personal email”, which was listed below.

[email protected]

I then did so and advised my motorcycle has never been in any accidents. This person then sent me a separate email (assuming craigslist would have flagged it) and I was asked to get a vehicle history report from a specific website (linked in my email);, which I have never even heard of. In the email, this person then stated “when I was selling my motorcycle I got one from there to show people that were interested. It was only $19 which is half the cost of Carfax ($40 or more). Then the person says, “let me know if this helps, Thanks!” Pretending as if they care about you. The person also even stated “there are many scams out there.”

I then sent a reply asking if this was a reputable website, as I know Carfax is. I was never sent an email back. I even emailed a separate email stating “I would be happy to pay the extra with Carfax, and provide that to you.” Again, I was never sent an email back. I ALMOST FALLED FOR THE SCAM, but I outsmarted this person. looks like a decent website. However, the vehicle database must have been hacked because if you provide your Vin number, your correct vehicle will pop up. Then it asks for payment…

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