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Ordered on July 13 and my card was charged the agreed amount although I never got a confirmation email. I mailed support and they replied back it was confirmed and would receive a tracking number and it would take 10-25 business days for delivery.

A month later I had still not received a tracking number and I wrote support which replied with a tracking number, but it didn’t work. Wrote back asking why that was the case.

Their reply was “The shipping company had a delay that they didn’t tell us about. Instead of giving us an update, they just tried to rush it. I HATE it when they do this to us.”

A month later I asked them again and their response was “I’m sorry to hear that! The shipping companies have been having trouble due to COVID-19. We are working to find new shipping experts and improve delivery times now.”

Now it’s been 3,5 months since I made the order and the recent reply from them after asking for an update was “After investigation, we confirm that your order has been shipped on time but unfortunately it got delayed by the postal services.

What we can do is guarantee the delivery of your product”

It’s definitely a scam! You won’t receive your order! Luckily I used a disposable virtual credit card so it could only be used once and I lost around 10 USD if I don’t get it back from the credit card company.

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