Dwallart –


I’ve ordered about 15 pieces large and small alike. They’ve always been high quality from the printing to the wrapping and arrived reasonably quickly. They’re also incredibly easy to hang (I’ve never ordered them framed so I can’t comment on that).

Slim Nutrition –


Filled out a survey to receive this “free” watch. It was sent but now they are trying to charge my credit card $119.00. Called, they said that’s the cost of the watch. When I asked her to show me on the survey, she couldn’t so I have to pay to send this worthless watch back in order not to be charged monthly for the fitness app or the watch.

Vestar Boards –


Absolutely a scam company. Promise 15 day shipping max yet it takes double that and they refuse to offer any help or even respond to you whatsoever. After 60 miles my belt broke along with my bearings. Now I’m hearing a ticking noise and they refuse to help me solve the issue. They are violating there own warranty which really is (or atleast should be) illegal. I gave these people 1100...

Gracehill Dachshunds –


I share a similar story after being scammed by grace hill dachshunds. Earlier this year, I had my 18 year old mini dachshund pass away, and I was finally ready to try and fill the emptiness left in my heart. I stumbled across grace hill dachshund’s website, and immediately fell in love with Rosy. I sent an email and inquired about her availability. I was quickly met with a response asking...

F and F Management INC. –


F&F Management / 12 MYCASHNOWCOM INC. scam hit my TransUnion credit report July 29. I noticed the event on my Credit Karma account and know the charge is bogus. I have done the following: 1) Disputed the F&F Management/12 MYCASHNOWCOM INC. collection claim to TransUnion 2) Filed a complaint with 3) Filed a complaint with BBB where F&F has an “F” Rating –...

Nationwide Loan Consultants –


I am so glad that I did mot sign anything! I was driving when I received the call from Nationwide Loan Consultants, they talked a good talk but I would not pull off the inter State too e-sign so the can create a loan agreement. I told I was not smart enough to use my smart phone LOL! Was told they would call me Monday, Ha! got Ya now that I know who they are: Never Never. I went on line to check...

Great Offer Stock –


Yes! I realized they were fraudulent when they said my card was declined and wanted another card….Im not that stupid! I froze my card, but once freeze came off they opened a bogus Amazon account with my info….if youre reading this, youve probably already been scammed…why are they allowed to continue online?

Crystal drops company –


here is a email address that they answer me on. [email protected]
Here is their address,
Try using it on BBB website to issue a complaint.
Our mailing address is:
Crystal Drops
734 New Saddle Avenue South Richmond Hill,
NY 11419 penisula3 New York, New York 10003 USA
New York, New York 10004


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