Patricia Mercer


My dad is dying of lung cancer. He lives in Africa. I need generous guys to wire money to me while I am in Africa. Please call me, my name is Brandi Mercer, (423)665-4620 or (731)313-1137. Thanks.

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Nicanor Sanchez


Nicanor me ha prometido una gran cantidad de dinero. Le mando dinero y sale con una nueva historia. Quiero saber si hay otras mujeres si le esta pasando lo mismo. Este hombre abusa.

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No good is coming to you…the lord will take care of your dirty filthy scum parasites. You all have no heart dirty whores. Go back to your garbage rotten country…overweight garbage evil devil mud face rotten slop 300 plus evil garbage. You are nothing but filthy garbage.people will spit on you you evil parasites. Liars […] View the Scam Report for ELENA R CREASOR AND CHUCK on...

Faith Benson


Thanks for the mail, well first i have to tell you that i am sorry for the delay on replying back to you late, its just that i have a very serious work at hand and i have to make sure i settle it and that is all that happened and i promise will not […]

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American National Credit Review


Samin Siavoshian and Farhad Faramarzian told me that they WOULD Fix my Credit and Give me couple Tradelines to boost my credit but I NEVER got ANY RESULT !!! OLD TRADELINE which they never did !!!! I recently purchased 2 tradelines from Joshua Evans and never received my tradelines from this individual Tradelines from this […] View the full review and complaint about American National...

Auto Parts Giant


Auto Parts Giant Shipped totally incorrect part and has not made it right ripoff Los Angeles, California Internet!!. On 3/24/07 I placed an online order for an a/c suction hose. When the order arrived it was an a/c compressor. Order Summary Shipping : Carrier: UPS Service: UPS Ground Service Cost: $0.00 Track#: Payment : Amount: […] View the full review for Auto Parts Giant on SkepticTank...

Anita Ford Jrn


Thank you for your quick response, i am Anita Ford Jrn, from USCG AirStation North Bend Or.and would have wish to come over and inspectthis at your place, but I am presently off-shore. I am satisfied withyour asking price and please just make sure it is in great conditionas described. I will appreciate more pictures […]

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cara avilla


this hoe as been onto me for 3 years promising to come to England to marry me and live with me, she as asked for money to fly, get travel visa, hotel costs and there as always been a excuse , a car crash with pictures in hospital that you couldn’t make out , her […]

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fedor kallistos previously Nikos Barnabas


this is a continue description of the previous post. I just want to update and add more pictures of him. i met this men online in he said that he has only a few hours on match and he asked if we could communicate through emails. i agreed. he was nice and sweet and […]

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