Carlos Boxer Puppies –


Victim Location 46385
Total money lost $900
Type of a scam Other

My wife tried to purchase a boxer puppy online at Once she picked the puppy, Carlos told her to pay him via Zelle to this email [email protected], to complete payment of $900. Then he would setup shipment information from Rochester, MN to Valparaiso, IN. She would also be sent a purchase agreement, which was not sent. After payment there was no communication until the next day when I contacted him via phone. He sent a purchase agreement with incorrect information and also setup the shipment through They sent us shipment number AED-020215453. After he fixed the incorrect info on the purchase agreement the shipment info came through. The shipment info also had incorrect puppy info, which Carlos corrected. Then the delievery status was put on hold and we were sent email from courier statung we needed to send $1500 for speciality dog crate. That is when we stopped and tried to contact Carlos and the courier (708-303-1656). They have not returned calls, emails, or texts.

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