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Scammer’s name: Camello Inc.
Scammer’s address: 6485 E. Kettleman Ln. Lodi CA 95240-5741
Country: United States
Type of a scam: Fake Check/Money Order
Initial means of contact: USPS (mailing)
Victim Location: 27265
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

A check in the amount of $2850 (with recipient’s name), along with a document, are enclosed in a USPS Priority Mail envelope. The document is entitled, Ardent Service Inc Survey Program, and gives assignment details to target the recipient to deposit the check into their own Personal Bank Account – as well as to use $2500 of “the deposited amount,” to buy Amex Debit Cards – in turn to copy the cards front and rear sides, followed by emailing or texting the images to their provided email or text number. The notice also highlights that you are to make sure no one is made aware of your actions when making these card purchases at the stores, and that your payment out of the $2850 check is $350. I noticed that the “check” had not bank logo (Chevron Federal Credit Union in this case) and a ten-digit routing number (vs. a nine-digit routing number like real checks).

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  • I recently got a check which informed me to do the same thing for the 468.19 out of 2468.19 .I knew it was a scam and gladly checked it out and now I will report it to the F.B.I.

  • I just got one today a check from this camello Inc app for a secret shopper $2,468.19 they want me to buy American Express cards 4 them for $500 a piece so I take it this is bulshit I don’t get $500 or whatever motherfukers please respond I need to know what I should do thank you

  • Like I said earlier cashier’s check $2,468.19 want me to buy American Express cards up to $500 each and deposit my check first into my account they said it should clear automatically I don’t believe it then you to run out and do their shit this is also address to camello Inc a construction company I believe so what is my next step do I report this do I need an answer that’s why I really checking this out I could use the money but it’s bullshit thank you I am Gene in Seattle

  • Whom it may concern camello Inc I believe someone is running a scam using your good companies name do UPS priority mail envelope at your return address on it just letting you know if it’s not you and please be aware it needs to be shut down thank you

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