I was also just ripped off by this website – received notice that I “contributed” to a money pool, then I also received a confirmation e-mail that a Malcolm Carter received my payment. But nothing else – this was supposed to go through PayPal, so I notified them also of this. Probably lost my money, but am attempting to block the payment through my bank. DON’T USE THIS SITE!

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  • Jan 7,2021….I also was scammed by this site and see that my payment was contributed to a pool through paypal. I did report the pool to paypal to file a complain of fraud and also one to my bank and one to Mr Coffee which is who referred me to this website for the purchase of this item. I am boiling mad especially at Mr Coffee that they sell these ice tea makers but not the replacement pitchers and then refer you out to purchase from a scam company. I WILL REPORT THIS TO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!

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