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I ordered a “beautiful” centerpiece for my aunt, to be delivered. It was to include red roses, carnations, white lillies, greenery, pine cones, candles, and “other fillers”.

It was to be delivered “next day”. I paid extra for this. It arrived the following week.

I asked her to send me a picture. The arrangement consisted of what looked like scraps of greens swept off of the floor, 3 pine cones, a wrinkled bow, and some plastic “berries” in a 5 inch generic basket. NOT ONE FLOWER! NOT ONE!

Please see the pictures below! 🙁

I paid a total of $120 for this piece of [censored].

I have tried sending emails. I am told they are “UNDELIVERABLE”.

I have tried calling at least 2 dozen times. I am then put on a ” On Hold Waiting List”. When it gets to be your turn in line, if you are lucky enough to speak to someone, they hang up as soon as you say that you are calling to talk about an unsatisfactory purchase. They only want to talk to people that are placing orders. Other times I tried calling, there was just no answer.


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  • I live in Ohio & on March 2, I ordered flowers from Blossom Flower Delivery in Pontiac, MI. to be delivered to my sister in hospital. The charge was $46.00. My niece called and said flowers were wilted and droopy when delivered. I called company and they requested pictures. My niece sent picture to me & I forwarded it to company. They want ed more shots – I explained that I lived in Ohio. Called niece next week to,ask if co. replaced flowers. She said no and they gave me a $5 refund which I never received. I opened my AmEx invoice today andBlossom FLower charged $64.97! Called company and they wanted copy of AmEx invoice which I sent to them. Have not heard anything from company. Checked with BBB and they gave them an F rating and there were tons of complaints about Blossom Flower Delivery. I don’t know expect to hear anything from them. Apparently they routinely rip off customers. Buyers Beware

  • My order was supposed to be delivered on Saturday April 17, 2021 and was not delivered as of April 18,2021. I called my daughter in law to find out she still had not gotten it. When I call on the 19th I was told it would not get there till the 19th. At that time I cancelled it and checking this AM[19] my credit card was already charged. A complaint was put into my credit card. How can my card be charged when no merchandise was received. This is the last time I will deal with Blossom Flower Delivery and their false advertisement. Same day delivery. Ha Ha

  • April 18,2021

    I also placed an order and nothing was delivered. I call and it gives me an answering machine I call the place order number and they transfer me. I hope I called my bank on time. share this on the internet and report!

  • I ordered a plant, teddy bear a milar balloon and paid extra for 5 regular balloons. The recipient didn’t receive the 5 extra balloons. The company accused me of lying even though I sent them a picture clearly showing no balloons. I’ve emailed and called…no response. TOTAL SCAM!!!! NOT HAPPY!!!!

  • Pitiful. Disgusting. Criminal.
    Oh yes, the flowers were sent, but they forgot the card.
    The recipients never knew who sent it.
    And this is after I told the store twice what to put on the card.
    The flowers were to be accompanied with balloons ……according to the picture on the website.
    No balloons.
    The kicker is, although a Canadian price was shown, my bill was in American dollars.
    Their response was to ask for a photo of the flowers that were delivered.
    So, I’m supposed to get the recipient of a gift involved.
    I’m supposed to ask them to photograph the card & balloons that aren’t there.
    It’s difficult to believe these are innocent errors.
    Seems more like a scam

  • Oh I wish I’d seen this BEFORE I placed an order with this firm! I have been unsuccessfully trying to get some action from them for the past two weeks over the misleading and mishandling of an order placed, involving a huge fee that has come to light as well as outright lies to the actual florist who sent out an arrangement. They actually told the florist that they were a relative of mine – NOT! The florist told me that she will not deal with them anymore so now they just outright lie. They need to be shut down.

  • They offer everything and deliver nothing.
    This is a sophisticated scam of them delivering flowers.
    Dollar and dimed to death with each add on —- for nothing.
    The customer service sounds like she’s answering from the middle of Viet Nam, English is pretty bad.
    They don’t want to talk to you they want you to order off the website.
    It’s been three days and I’m still waiting for the 200.00 delivery.
    There just seemed to be something fishy about the way the young gurl responded to my order and requests about the order.
    What you see is not what get. Especially when you get NOTHING!!
    It’s time to break up their front as a flower shop. They are operating as something else fleecing hard working people. ###

  • On June 11, 2021 I ordered 3 dozen roses costing $69.99 for each dozen to be delivered on Saturday Jun 12. When there was no delivery I cancelled the order and requested a refund. They made each dozen a separate order then placed a $18.98 delivery on each order. I agreed to a $10 tip for the driver so they added $10 charge to each order. They have very slowly refunded most of the charges but still owe me $$69.99 and 2 $10 charges.
    Their website appeared to be local however all my dealings was with a site in CA.

  • Ordered and was promised delivery same day. No delivery. Called and girl said it was out for delivery….NOT! Texted and found out at 8:30pm that they would look into it tomorrow. I wanted the flowers today for my daughter who will start chemo. I’m very very disappointed in this florist.

  • I ordered some plants for $138..00 for my cousin in Kelowna a little kid phoned me and said they did not have it and I asked for a picture and nothing came. I phoned and asked fur a call back phone rang once and nobody there This is a scammer

  • Total scam!! My husband ordered flowers to be delivered prior to our anniversary to our campsite at an RV resort. They changed the arrangement and delivery date after charging our card. It never showed up while we were there. We told them Monday night before leaving that they should cancel and refund our $92. They said six days for refund to show. Then they sent a crap arrangement Wednesday and now told me I should take their final offer of $15 credit and $5 coupon for next order. Are you FN kidding me. Samantha Daniels won’t take a call and the Asian “owners” keep referring me back to her. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  • I live in Virginia Beach. Ordered an arrangement for same day delivery to Vermont. I submitted the fees for the same day delivery and large arrangement. I ordered this before noon….at 4pm I was told they couldn’t make the delivery due to no flowers in stock for my arrangement. Hours after I placed the order….at 4pm there was no way to get a same day delivery in Vermont. I am beyond disgusted. Now I have to wait 1-6 days for my refund…..why is it I have to wait for a refund for a service and product they could not provide not to mention the lack of timeliness. This is a disgusting business and should be a shamed.

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