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Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Employment

I got a call from “Peter James” on Thursday 13th Feb, 2020 around 2:37PM from “647 775-1554”. He invited me for an interview. It looked cool, so I wen for it on Friday Feb 14th at 1:30pm at “3250 Bloor St West Suite #600 East Tower -Toronto”.

I did not know until I reached there it was an agency so I felt little weird because they asked me to fill a form, which I did but I was little uncomfortable with it. Then Peter James, took me to his office, he asked for my availability, I said that I work on campus already and full time student and hence I cannot work more than 20h off campus, I actually didn’t go for a job, but I fell for it.

Then he signed me up on a website called where he created my account with basic info such as address, DOB, height, weight etc. Then he clicked my photo with his phone and uploaded, that was another skeptical point, he said only he can upload photo. He had the login and password for the account that he created for me, which is basically a job posting kind of website. He told me this website had monthly fee of $14 something and he kind of rushed through it and didn’t explain me much about the policies. Then he asked me to pay him $100 upfront, which I did through e-transfer to his email “[email protected]“. He said they are shooting at York University tomorrow and if I am available, I said yes I am available, so he wrote my name.

Then I left the office and on the subway, I checked the email from “oneclicktalent” about the agreements which said that I cannot opt out from before 8-months and I had to pay monthly fee which they deduct through my bank account as I gave them my DDF (Direct Deposit Form). When I read it was 8-month long and I didn’t have the option to opt out, I ran back to his office, but he had left by the time I reached, then I called him and I said I no longer want to be a part of this, he said to call him tomorrow since he is busy.

I kept reading online, and through reddit I came across a post which somebody had shared and had gone through exact same thing, and that was very shocking to me and I started worrying about it. So I called TD Bank around 10pm and told them about the situation since I wasn’t feeling good about it, they verified the “One Click Talent” said it’s not verified through and hence it’s a red flag. They told me to cancel my account to be safe which I did and I opened a new checking account to keep my money safe at the TD branch on Steels by York University. In the morning of Feb 15th, 2020 I called “One Click Talent” at +1 877 228 8026, and I told them to cancel the subscription, they said they cannot do that since the agent had signed me up for 8-month, which is weird for them to know as I didn’t tell them my name on the call. They said I had to contact my agent “peter” and they couldn’t do anything, and I had to send them a letter to cancel, and only then they can cancel after 8 months. I felt really worried, so I also informed the police about this as I didn’t want to get into any risk in the future. I called back “Peter James” around noon on Feb 15th, 2020 and informed that I want to quit this and he got angry at me on the phone and shouted, and I felt really uncomfortable on the call, and when I asked for refund of $100 he cut the phone.

At this moment, my account is safe and money as well. I took the necessary steps based on what my TD bank told me to stay safe, but I am worried since they cannot take money from my account and they denied to cancel my account on “One Click Talent”, they might claim in future the money as a collection. I didn’t sign any agreement physically on any paper nor did I sign any contract, but I am worried as I don’t want to end up in any illegal scenario in the future. Hence I am informing about it. Thank You

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