Alliances Transit Express –


Victim Location 37185
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Adoptable pet on Craigslist, expensive parrot, but no fees, just good home. First scammer’s pet bird was local and could be picked up…then moved to several states away due to “emergency. Initial add on Craigslist looked good, well written. Emails from scammers later were poorly written with obvious grammar and spelling errors indicating a non native English speaker.

I was directed to Alliances Transit Express by pet seller, who made some statements in obvious conflict with facts. They have a very slick website, or have somehow adopted a real one. The transport said they were private plane flying bird and huge cage and wanted $450.00 transport fee by moneygram. I asked about delivery to my door and not airport and they agreed for $75 more they would take it to my door.

I then offered COD at delivery to my door up and they grew silent. I also had a friend answer the same ad and was told bird was available, they got same form letter response…this was AFTER bird was supposedly at shipped waiting for my money-gram.

I called local Henrico Police, and they told me the Alliances would be in their jurisdiction based on the address they gave, but that address and business did not exist. I told Alliances I would offer COD at pick up and they grew silent. I contacted original pet adopters from craigslist and told them what I thought and they grew silent.

FYI I am also a Sheriffs detective in my jurisdiction in Tennessee. I have no doubt this was a scam.

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