Victim Location 28139
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This person contacted me to buy a camper I listed for sale by email and by phone. He sent me a cashiers check as a down payment for it in the amount of 3550 and then asked me to send him or his “lawyer” back 2400 for “fees” he had to pay his “lawyer”. I had not even deposited it or cashed it so I took it to the bank and they immediately spotted it as a fraudulent check. The purchaser was named “Michael Young” who he claimed was his son and it was signed “Jerry Young” using a fifth third bank cashiers check. He wanted me to do a cashiers check, paypal or zelle payment of 2400 to his fake lawyer he named Kaitachi Egeonu-Okoro with an address of 112 Cortlandt St Apt 2 Belleville NJ. I did not do this. I contacted him while I was in the bank that his check was fraudulent and would be sent right back to him which I did. I never signed the check. The email he gave for his lawyer was [email protected] He wanted it to him by Thursday claiming this “lawyer” was on business in NJ & would be leaving Thursday. Upon re reading his messages I realized my bank was right. Lawyers do not use gmail for their contacts- and they don’t conduct business from an apartment. When I asked him for this lawyers state of licensure and bar number he never responded back. These could all be fake names but I know the phone number worked because he called me from it and texted from it. This could be a one or two person scam.

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By Scott


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