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Aurora Cloud Storage Inc –


I reviewed my bank information on line and noticed a credit of $0.01 with the information of auro8003526091. I searched online and found that it was a company that offered online "cloud" storage memberships with an initial 30 day free trial. I called the number and was given the same information. The customer service person could not tell me anything more than I could get online. He...

APA Elite Remodeling –


The owner of this business is very charismatic and will make you believe that he is going to do some thing amazing in your bathroom for an amazing price. The reality is that he’s going to take your money, rip out your bathroom and leave you with nothing for months. I finally had to threaten legal action in order to get him to do anything which at the end of the day I wish nothing had been done...

Express Address Change –


I googled USPS address change and this was the first entry, but they are not USPS at all. They hide an explanation of a fee at the bottom of their website (below the "accept" and "submit" buttons), do not make it readily apparent that they are charging $60 for an address change, and look enough like USPS to be mistaken for them. They are not USPS and will charge you $60 for a...



Called Fidelity to activate card but misdialed by one digit and got them, oblivious to the fact that it was wrong # until I’d given all my info. Told me I would get a text confirming I had spoken to them and that I should respond by hitting option one. Upon reading the text I noticed that option 1 was agreeing to a 1PERKPLACE charge of $1.95 and option 2 was fraudulent activity. This is when I...

Paladin Energy –


I had applied through unconventional means. Online only… I was told that my employer was out on a business trip for 2 weeks and that he was looking for someone to do small tasks while he was away. His first action was to send me a $4250 check from a "financial department" that was tied to the company (no company logos, no extra information except for steps on how to process the...

Magicz –


Order a grille cover paid for it. Was never delivered and phone numbers and emails are fake. Emailed several time, email would not go through google attempted over 20 times and the Email continuously failed. Phone was a wrong number
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Outlet Herbal –


The email sent had teachers attached, attempting to gain access to private information. Credit card info. D.o.b info.
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ImposterFacebook –


I ordered a HP laptop from Facebook market place. The laptop never arrived with UPS. Looking into this more, they are using stolen tracking numbers from to fake shipping. The Facebook scammers account was created this year. The Facebook profile shows the person is from Georgia, but the computer shows shipped from North Haven, CT. I opened a case with Facebook, UPS and my Bank. Bank noted...

Raniersec –


Made the online purchase, paid with bitcoin. Never received a confirmation on purchase or online receipt. Called several times even though listed phone number is not in service. Have sent 2-3 messages on their website without response, and sent 2-3 email and received no response. It has been 2 weeks, no delivery, no money, and no response from vender.
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